Classes ~ Workshops ~ Paint Nights & Other Way Cool Events

We offer group and private classes in; Painting (on canvas, clothing & furniture)

 Resin Glass Art, Creative Writing, Meditation, Integrative Energy Tools, Tarot for Recovery as well as readings with Sharon and Marlene and astrology with Natalia.


Classes, workshops and one-on-one sessions are also available for Reiki, Life Coaching, 

Therapeutic Art Coaching, Writing Coaching, EFT, Meditation and other

Integrative modalities including Heart Math & Emotion Code.

We believe that any kind of creativity and holistic wellness tools used alone or together help to reduce stress and increase wellbeing.  What better time than now to take care of your wellbeing!

Check out our EVENTS PAGE to see what we are offering! 




Below is a list of classes we offer on a mostly regular basis- Sometimes we’ll surprise you by adding something special! 

Classes generally consist of 3-14 people. Prices vary and can be seen on our EVENTS page. We also offer private one on one lessons as well as private group sessions. All classes include  supplies and instruction unless stated otherwise. 

Paint Night/Day 

Enjoy creating with your friends as your instructor walks you through the featured painting  from our library of paintings.

 We walk you through step by step and our paintings are created to be easy, fun and beautiful!

You take your masterpiece home the same day!

Duration- Approximately 2 Hours.

Our evening Paint Parties are for ages 16 and up unless titled FAMILY PAINT.

Hand Painted Canvas Bags 

You can use these beautiful & sturdy canvas bags to carry anything you like! Take them to the beach, grocery shopping, school or to carry your art supplies! Follow our designs or make it your own!  

These bags are off white and are made of natural canvas with a top zipper closure. They are machine washable even with paint on them!! Bag measurements 16.5''*13.4''*3.9'' (L*W*H); band: 9.4'' (H), long enough to wear over your shoulder. Bags are machine washable-even after painting! Duration- 1.1/5 - 2 

Create Your Own Jewelry!

 Join us as we  teach you how to create beautiful jewelry you can wear or give as a gift!  Each person will have the choice of making 2 pieces choosing between bracelets, earrings or a pendant. We’ll show you how to do basic wire wrapping along with using easy tools to create the look you want! We provide all supplies however if you have a precious gemstone or a piece you would like to incorporate you are welcome to bring it!

Beachy Resin Glass Class

Join us for this beachy, creative and fun class! We supply lots of beautiful items, shells, sea glass, beads, and many unusual items to create your design, however you are welcome to bring in anything you’d like to add. 

 We recommend special mementos, old jewelry, perhaps a shell from your favorite beach, even photos will work! Make your art personal!

We also supply a variety of templates to follow or you can wing it and freestyle your design. We are there to help every step of the way! After your design is set up, you get to leave and we get busy pouring the resin. All resin pieces must be left to dry overnight!

We give the pieces at least 18 hours to set and you pick them up the next day! 

These beautiful pieces can be hung on the wall or placed in a window to reflect the natural light. All frames are  8x10. Extra frames are available for purchase- prices vary.

Duration- 1-2 Hours- Everyone works at their own pace! 



Creative expression is  a healing and transformative tool! It's a vehicle to journey to the heart of you. It’s about remembering your heart, your soul, your MAGIC! It’s about reconnecting with the very core of your being, your vitality, your passion and even your purpose. It's about letting go and showing up. 

It’s not just for people who have a degree in art, writing, music or dance, (although they are welcome :). And it's not about the finished product, how ‘good’ you are and whether your mother, father, spouse or friend likes what you created. It's not even about how YOU like it. It's about RE-CONNECTING to your own inner muse and guidance!

So take a chance and join us as we move, meditate, and create our souls magic!

This workshop begins with a brief guided meditation and continues using paper/canvas, water based paints, pastels, pencils and markers. Paint can stain clothing, please dress accordingly.:)

Painted Wine Glasses

This fun and creative class is great for your own wine glass collection or to give as gifts! Everyone receives 2 wine glasses (with the option to purchase more if you like). You can follow our templates or freestyle with your own design. We are here to help every step of the way! These glasses are food safe and washable (no dishwasher please)! We provide instructions to set the paint in your oven after the paint has cured for 48 hours.

Duration- 1.1/5- 2 hours 


Paint Pouring

Paint Pouring is messy, fun. creative, beautiful and ohhh so habit forming!

Join us as we walk you through a 'dirty pour', swiping, strings, straws and more- Get the lowdown on cells and the magic that goes into pouring paint!

This class will start off with demos by the Instructor(s) and then you'll have 2, yes TWO canvases to pour on! 

 All pours must be left to dry overnight and picked up the following day(s). You do NOT want this paint all over your car! :)

This class is MESSY! Paint WILL stain clothing ~ We suggest you dress accordingly and bring your own smock or apron.

Duration- 1-2 Hours- Everyone works at their own pace! 



Join us and create your very own 8x10 matted watercolor! You can choose one of 4 designs and we’ll walk you through step by step or do your own thing!! No experience needed! It's easy and it's fun!

What a wonderful creation to keep as your own or give as a gift!


Mixed Media Art Workshop

Create Art in an encouraging & inspiring environment. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro this workshop will teach you skills and inspire your inner creativity!

We use a variety of mediums such as ; paper, canvas, water based paints, pastels, pens and collage papers. 

Our instructors will give you prompts and be there to help every step of the way. You'll go home with a beautiful painting you created yourself! 


Kids Art Workshop

Kids Art Workshop offers children grades 1-5 the opportunity to create Art in an encouraging & inspiring environment. 

This workshop is a painting/mixed media class where the children will paint on a canvas and have the opportunity to add  other elements to their canvas like paper cutouts, images, glued beads, shells, and anything else their imaginations can come up with! 

They will learn basic painting skills along with fostering their creativity and imagination. What fun!

Kids Art Workshop is taught by artists who believe in teaching the joy of creativity!

This workshop is for children grades 1-5.


3D Hanging Art 

Using paint, beads, glass and shiny baubles you’ll create a work of art that is one of a kind! Follow one of our templates or freehand and do your own thing.

Choose your favorite colors and ‘shiny objects’ from our vast assortment of ‘cool stuff’!

These beautiful pieces can be hung with the ribbon of your choice. This is a great class for all ages! Duration 1.⅕-2 Hours.

Meditation/Energy 101

Reduce Stress - Calm Your Mind - Relax Your Body - Reconnect Your Soul

You know how good it feels to just let go and have a deep sigh of relief? That’s what this workshop is all about.

We all have coping mechanisms, things we choose to go to when we are feeling overwhelmed and stressed- some choices are healthy, some, not so healthy! 

Which HEALTHY tools do you use to cope?

We’ll learn about mindfulness, breathing exercises, EFT Tapping and other healthy alternative tools to help you center, relax, let go and move through and around the stressors in your life, 

Creative Writing for Women with Sarah Murphy

Drawing on a lifetime of writing and a 15-year career in journalism, Sarah will share some of her favorite techniques for overcoming writer's block, accompanied by in-class writing exercises. A support group for anyone with a desire to write, this is a safe atmosphere, open to all skill levels, where personal truths are not only revealed but celebrated. Sarah will share how she uses confessional writing to heal from trauma. 

Tarot for Recovery = Introspection for Serenity Workshop

This workshop consists of a 2 hour collective, conscious gathering which includes a guided meditation and a brief overview of the tarot. 

Randy will share his personal and healing experience with the tarot, and teach you how to use the tarot as a tool for introspection.

Although Randy will be hosting the workshop, this will be a group conscious gathering in a safe space to allow for healing and the seeds of spiritual growth to be planted, no matter where we are on our journey.

All ages are welcome, however please know some personal experiences shared may be better suited for the more matured souls mind.

Covid 19 Regulations

IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS OF COVID OR ANY CONTAGIOUS ILLNESS OR HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO COVID WITHIN A WEEK (7 DAYS) OF CLASS  please contact us via phone or email to cancel your reservation and we will refund your ticket or credit you for a future class.

  • All guests will be asked to sanitize their hands- masks are optional.

  • Please BYOA-Bring Your Own Apron or smock or wear clothing that you won't mind getting paint on.



  • Cancellations for IN PERSON classes made at least 48 HOURS BEFORE an event have the option of credit or a full refund.

  • Cancellations made UP TO 12 hours before an event will be issued a credit for a future class. (This gives us time to fill your spot.

  • Sorry, no waivers or refunds for cancellations made after 12 hours before the start of an event.

  • There are no refunds or credit for NO SHOWS.

  • Cancellations should be made via phone, 508-477-ARTT(2788) or email,

  • Sometimes “stuff happens” we reserve the right to cancel any event or change the instructor and or featured painting if need be.

  • Weather closings- If schools are closed so are we! We will call and email you in the event of a weather cancellation and your ticket will be credited.

                           We appreciate your understanding of our policies and complying with all of the above!


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