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A Heart Centered Art Gallery & Teaching Studio

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Welcome to 
The Cosmic Cod 

Discover the Artist Within, Cultivate Calm & Express your Creativity.
Join our uplifting community and watch your journey unfold.

If things look abit askew it's because we are in the process of updating our website-
We thank you for your patience!

 We are proud to offer a diverse range of classes, including open to the public and private paint events, craft classes, and workshops in meditation, reiki, and integrative energy medicine.

Our expert instructors are passionate about helping you unlock your creativity and find inner harmony.

Join us for an uplifting and transformative experience!

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Grow Your Vision

Our quaint art gallery offers beautiful paintings,  eclectic functional and decorative art & fine crafts created by local artists. We also offer a small selection of jewelry, prints and crystals.

All of our artists are available for commisions, just bring us a photo of your favorite person, place or thing and we'll create a work of art you can treasure forever.


Integrative Energy Therapy (IET) is a healing technique that uses gentle touch or hands-off methods to balance and restore the body’s energy flow.

By releasing energy blockages in the body, mind, and spirit, IET can help to alleviate physical, emotional, and mental symptoms, promoting overall well-being and clarity.

People turn to IET for its holistic, non-invasive approach to health. It complements conventional medical treatments, focusing on healing the entire person. IET is never a replacement for your Dr's care but a great compliment to enhance the journey of healing your body, mind & spirit.

At The Cosmic Cod we offer a variety of Holistic Energy Healing Modalities such as Reiki, Hypnotherapy, The Emotion Code, EFT Tapping Guided Journey Meditation, Polarity and more.

Benefits of IET are;

  • Reduced Stress: Helps in lowering stress levels and promoting relaxation.

  • Emotional Balance: Aids in releasing negative emotions and fostering emotional clarity.

  • Physical Healing: Can complement traditional medical treatments by addressing the energetic component of physical ailments including reducing chronic pain.

  • Mental Well-Being: Enhances mental clarity and reduces anxiety.

News & Stuff

            The Cosmic Cod welcomes Cathy Connolly! Cathy will be offering polarity sessions on the first Tuesday of every month from 12noon- 3PM- stay tuned for the details!

           Our Tuesday Morning Meditation class is ON for every Tuesday Morning from 10AM to about 11:15 ish AM :) 

You will learn all sorts of easy and simple techniques for self healing and to cultivate calm... and then Ali guides you on a transformative, relaxing and 'oh so healing' Meditation Journey! This is a great class for anyone with chronic stress, illness or anxiety-OXOX

           Click Here MYSTICMAG to check out this way cool interview that the online magazine

MysticMag did with our very own Ali Tyber! 

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